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Until further notice, we will be unable to offer SUNDAY DELIVERY or PICKUP services. Thank you for your understanding.

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With the current critical situation, we will make all efforts to accommodate and deliver your requested list. In order to make this a sustainable process we are implementing the following:
  • Please LIMIT delivery requests to TWO per household PER WEEK.
  • Because Of supply limitations BE SPECIFIC If you want NO SUBSTITUTIONS otherwise you will receive what we have.
  • Orders Of 10 items Or less MUST be picked up.
  • PLEASE consider a PICKUP order. We will deliver to CURBSIDE!
PLEASE be sure to have your orders in by noon. Our policies remain: A $10.00 charge for delivery, $7.00 charge for pickup and free delivery to seniors.If you have questions about your order, please contact us at 208-726-5668 or via email at

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To make it easier for our shoppers, please put ONE item per line in the SHOPPING LIST. THANKS!

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